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The Central City Of Central Texas

Located at the junction of Highway 317 and 107, just minutes off IH-35.

  • Austin = 82 miles
  • Dallas = 137 Miles
  • San Antonio = 161 Miles
  • Houston = 187 Miles
  • Waco, Belton, Temple and Gatesville less than 30 Miles

A Hometown Worth Calling Home

Moody, Texas is a Type A Incorporated Municipality with a population of 1378 at the last census.

The town of Moody traces its history to the Pre-Civil War settlement of Perry.  What is now called “Old Perry” is located a few miles northeast of the current City of Moody.  In 1881 the Gulf, Colorado & Sante Fe Railroad bypassed Perry and constructed a ‘water’ stop at a flatland location where a new town was platted on the land of an early settler William Naler. Colonel W.L. Moody of Galveston, who supervised the laying of the track through the area, named the new town in honor of his family.  Thus Moody came to be.  The City was incorporated in 1901.

Moody, already a pleasant developing community, received an unexpected growth spurt as it blossomed to become an agriculture and commercial center following a local natural disaster.  In 1926 the town of Perry was devastated by a tornado and rather than being rebuilt most of the commercial, religious and other enterprises, as well as, most of its families relocated to the railstop and City of Moody.

“Old Perry” now is just another farmer’s field.  However, the Historical Perry Cemetery bears witness to the town as it is the final resting place of many of the early settlers to this area.

The Moody City Cemetery established long before the town of Moody was incorporated holds the graves of early area residents and American Veterans from the Civil War, World Wars 1 & 2, Korea and Vietnam.  The National Ensign and State Flag fly 24 hours a day in honor of our Nation’s Heroes.

The Moody Community like many in rural Texas has had its ups and downs with the changing times.  Moody ‘is’ seeing the dawn of a new day and a new prosperity as home to one of the highest rated school districts in the area, customer oriented full-service banking, Community Library, active youth sports programs, with convenient shopping and local medical clinic it is exactly the hometown many are looking for.  Moody is ideally located in Central Texas with ready access to multiple modern hospitals, veterans services, higher education institutions, major shopping, wide variety of dining, lakes, rivers, and other recreation resources.  It is the home for various fraternal, educational, commercial, religious, medical institutions and other organizations.

Moody, Texas a community of 1374 fine folks and admittedly 2 to 4 unrefined or chronically unhappy people.  But all in all it is ;

“Moody – A Hometown Worth Calling (MY) Home.”

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