Fiscal Year 2020 – General Information


2019 Total Certified Taxable Value of properties within the City = $50,955,482
2019 Taxable Value of New Improvements/Properties = $ 550,490.00
2019 Effective Tax Rate (No New Revenue) = .633782 per $100 valuation
2019 Rollback Rate = .684484 per $100 valuation

Current Proposed Budgets will soon be posted on this website.  They are currently posted for public inspection at City Hall(if someone has not walked off with them again).  The budgets ‘have not been approved and are subject to change.’  They are zero sum, meaning they are balanced as far as expenses do not exceed revenue. There is built into both budgets a 2% cost of living increase for staff, insurance increases, reserve funds to be accumulated against future expenses for vehicle and equipment, increased street repair and line maintenance, increased facilities repair, as well as recreation(parks) development. The General Fund is based upon the rollback tax rate and the Utility Fund does not require any water/sewer/garbage rate increases and the anticipated watermain relocation is included. The General Fund provides for street and parks improvement and supports some salary expense of the Utility Department as it is Utility Department personnel who perform streets and right-of-way maintenance.

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