Today’s leaders stand on the shoulders of the Heroes who built this country. Leaders have a sacred obligation to protect, nurture, and pass on to posterity a better world and a civil society. As a sign of community support there have been placed on the Moody Baseball Field (Mattie Neely Park) over 130 American Flags. One for each boy and girl who signed up to play in this year’s Moody Youth Sports Association baseball/softball program. For the next several days the field lights will be on for a few hours as a sign of unity and support for our youth. (It is not meant to invite groups to gather.  Social distancing is the smart thing to do.) These flags are meant to honor heroes of the past, encourage leaders today, inspire the heroes of the future as we show our youth and community that there will be a brighter positive future. In this present crisis let us all live wisely and heroically. The Bearcat Way! God Bless America!

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