Approved Moody City Council Minutes 9/8/2020

Minutes of the City Council


The City council of Moody, Texas met in regular session SEPTEMBER 8, 2020.  This meeting was duly announced in accordance with Title 5, Chapter 551, of the Texas Government Code.  The following agenda items were addressed. 


  1. CALL TO ORDER, ESTABLISH A QUORUM IS PRESENT.   Mayor Charleen Dowell  called the Regular Session of the Moody City Council to order, determined that a quorum was available with Mayor Charleen Dowell, John Carpenter, Karla Alton, Jennifer Houghton, Josh Richter, and Richard Moore present.  The City Council was called to order and in session at 6:05 PM.
  2. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE & PRAYER. Pledges of Allegiance’s were done with a Prayer for the group proceedings.
  4. OPEN PUBLIC COMMENTS ON NON-AGENDA ITEMS: Susan Allen—Mrs. Allen gave a copy of the TMCA Ethics Code to the city council. She stated this is what Mr. Sterling gave her per her several request.


  • ITEM FOR COUNCIL ATTENTION AND POSSIBLE ACTION:  Approval of minutes from 8/11/2020 Regular Session, 8/18/2020 Called Session, and Public Hearing and called session 8/25/2020. Motion to approve was made by Josh Richter and seconded by John Carpenter All for none opposed.
  •  ITEMS FOR COUNCIL ATTENTION- WORK SESSION (Information gathering, Discussions, Reports, Updates, Suggestions regarding future sessions);[no action will be taken by the Council on items presented in this part of the session.]:

               A. Report of Public Works Director – Keith Fisher

               B. Report of Police Chief – Roger Kennedy

               C. Report of City Administrator – Absent

                              1. Current Financial Condition

                              2. Administrator’s Report

               D. Council Remarks or Inquiries

               The above named Department Heads gave a synopsis of their departments operations for the previous month.  A copy of their reports are filed with the documents of this Council Session.

  • EXECUTIVE SESSION (if needed) The City Council of Moody may go into closed Executive Session under the authority of the Government Code, Chapter 551, Texas Open Meetings Act to discuss; 1) personnel issues; 2) Consultation with an Attorney, or 3) Deliberations regarding real property. = City Council went into Executive Session at 6:25 pm and ended executive session at 6:35 pm. No decisions are votes or mtotions needed.
  • ADJOURNMENT. = Motion to adjourn was made by John Carpenter and seconded by Richard Moore.  All in favor and the City Council adjourned at 6:40 PM.

Minutes respectfully submitted:

Jana Kennedy  

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